Under the Republican Congress, more than 1 million jobs have been added since January.

Republicans are also cutting the regulations that are holding back job growth in America — scrapping 14 Obama era rules that imposed billions in costs on companies and required millions of hours of compliance.

Good jobs are being created, including:

  • Over 79,000 construction jobs
  • Over 42,000 mining jobs
  • Over 41,000 manufacturing jobs

House Republicans are passing pro-worker policies that reform our career and technical education system so that our government is helping and not holding back blue collar job growth.



House Republicans have taken the lead, passing more than two dozen bills to improve care for our veterans and reform the VA. Working with the Administration, Republicans have invested an additional $2 billion in the Veterans Choice Program which has allowed more than 1.2 million veterans to receive timely care from a health care provider outside the VA system.

Republicans have also approved more funding for new facilities, physicians, and modern technology at the VA to ensure that current and future veterans get the health care that they deserve.

House Republicans have succeeded in improving accountability at the VA, for the first time the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has the authority to swiftly fire employees who are poorly serving our veterans. No longer can underperforming VA employees continue to receive bonuses while veterans wait for care.

FDA Reform

House Republicans passed legislation to help reform the FDA and keep America at the forefront of medical innovation.

FDARA improves and expedites the process for reviewing and approving new treatments and cures for patients.

This bill gives patients a voice in the drug development process, and dedicates more staff to developing and reviewing medications that can treat the rarest diseases.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in America is real. In 2014 more than 1.3 million hospital visits were caused by opioid abuse, and per the CDC at least 90 Americans die per day from an opioid overdose.

This year, under House Republicans, the federal government has provided record levels of funding to states, cities, non-profits, and health care providers to fight the epidemic.

House Republicans have also led efforts to reduce prescribing of opioids, and prevent fraudulent prescriptions from being filled.

 Rebuilding our Military

Years of funding cuts and conflict has left our military in crisis with aging equipment, and not enough training to complete the mission.

House Republicans are acting, passing legislation that will boost our defense spending to ensure our service members have everything they need to protect our country and come home safely.

Republicans also passed legislation to give troops the largest pay raise in years.

Confronting America's Adversaries


Enact sanctions on anyone involved in the Iranian ballistic missile program.

North Korea

Make it harder for North Korea to access cash or overseas markets.


Requiring Congressional approval before sanctions on Russia are lifted.